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A ResearchLab for Products, Development & Human Nature



We operate where human nature and the essence of a market, brand or product converge – the only point where a new understanding of problems and solutions can be gained, growth potential identified and a category devised which is completely ‘of the moment’.

Our philosophy is client-focused and multidisciplinary. In order to generate and implement truly meaningful advice, we involve the various players within the company from the earliest stages of the research process, and are open for a wide range of tools and techniques.

consumer insights • product insights • brand insights

driver & barrier analysis • need states • gap analysis

brand status evaluation • brand- and product-experience • design research • semiotic Analysis • usability and UX research

customer journey and information funnel • touchpoint analysis • purchase decision analysis • shopper insights

frame-analysis • trend-impact-analysis • foresights

Tools & Methods


The solutions we provide are attractive from a corporate perspective as well as being convincing from the human angle. Rather than over-fulfilling existing requirements, they are specifically targeted towards areas with a high growth potential: either rejuvenating established markets or creating/developing new ones.

Our research and workshop methods take account of the key factors in any successful innovation project: space, team and process. We use different perspectives as a springboard for solutions, breaking with conventional thought patterns, creating a joint understanding of what is new, developing solutions, then testing them and modifying them based on consumer feedback, before finally moving forward together to implement the preconditions for action.

persona development • job-to-be-done workshops • brand workshops

concept writing • concept labs • design labs • design thinking workshops

co-creation • ideation and prototyping workshops

Tools & Methods


We start by producing results, which we then convert into an action plan to implement the measures developed.

We think it is vital for an impulse to be followed up with deeds and tangible consequences. So then we substantiate and prioritise the learnings and actions developed in conjunction with our targets, work out a joint ‘road map’ and recommend further measures for communication and activation.

potential assessment • quantification

idea screening • concept screening • design screening • product roadmapping

brand planning • communication planning • creative briefs • design briefs

Tools & Methods
  • creating business impact
  • creating business impact
  • creating business impact